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Weed Control in Paducah, KY

Give your grass a fighting chance. Use TruGreen for comprehensive weed control in Paducah, Kentucky. By developing a targeted plan to eradicate weeds in your yard, we promote healthy and full grass growth. At our company, we have a team of PhD scientists on staff that knows the right herbicides and methods to use to address your weed problem. For a weed-free yard with robust grass, contact us for an in-person TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis.

Take Charge of Your Weed Problem

You love your lawn, but you hate dealing with weeds. It seems like no matter how hard you try, you are in an ongoing battle with them. Instead of fighting invasive and resilient weeds on your own, let us provide effective weed control. At our company, we understand the science behind weed control. Whether you have crabgrass, dandelions, or ground ivy, we use the right herbicides and methods to make sure your yard is weed-free.

Feed Your Grass, Not Your Weeds

Are weeds putting a stranglehold on your grass? When you water and fertilize your lawn, you’re also giving life to your weeds. Stop feeding your weeds! Allow our lawn maintenance team to perform a thorough analysis of your yard. By identifying the types of weeds on your property, we are able to determine the best products to use to destroy them. The result is beautiful grass that has room to flourish.

Contact us for effective solutions if you’re tired of pulling up weeds. We proudly serve customers throughout Paducah, Kentucky.